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Adds an erratic swimming action to your deep-diving wobbler

Curvy is based on the repellent force between magnets, which counteracts the resistance of water on your wobbler.

  • Your wobbler will swim with an erratic and attractive action, familiar from the best surface wobblers.
  • The action consists of random, unpredictable side-to-side and up-and-down movements.
  • Curvy increases the range of your casts by 15–20% compared to what can be achieved by only adding the two-gram weight of a Curvy to your wobbler.
  • The Curvy set includes everything necessary for modifying five wobblers. The set is delivered in
  • a handy storage box.
  • Thanks to clear instructions, you will succeed without false tries.
  • The Curvy steel wires are bent into a tried and tested shape.
  • The specially coated permanent magnets have a repellent force that is optimal for the wobblers of most manufacturers.
  • All parts are made to withstand the corrosive action of salt water.
  • The set also contains a drill bit of the correct size.

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